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Thank for Joining the Rockin' Wellness Family!

Many of you have purchased Rockin' Wellness from reading what others have chosen to share including recommendation from family/friends/co-workers/social networks. RW is a direct to consumer company that is built to provide the Best and Freshest High Content Raw Ingredients without restrictions of "normal business practices." We rely on our customers participation. You have already taken the first steps to living an optimal lifestyle.


Our target Audience is Humanity.Things to consider after hearing back from customers over the years: Everyone is different "Slow & Steady Wins the Race" 

The goal of Rockin' Wellness is to provide you with an easy to make, pleasurable, tasty and affordable High Content Superfood from High Content Soils that you can consume long term.  

Time, Amount, Hydration, Lifestyle.Two things common to a lot of the people who seem to give the best feeback:

"Bathroom different… and obvious energy"

This seem to be a mix of number of days, Number of Scoops and Amount of Water. Rockin' Wellness is only good nutrients so again be realistic.

After seeing so much feedback from all over the world we have come up with a simple way for you think about RW. This is part of reality. Not everyone is consuming same number of scoops, same amount of time, living the same lifestyle, or has the same story. Yes, some people give feedback in hours and days... others "on my second bag and starting to notice..."

Please be realistic and excited knowing you are taking the steps toward improving your lifestyle. We push 2 scoops a day for minimum 45 days as a starting point for you to experience our shake. If you feel it's "too strong" drop back to 1 scoop. If you are days and weeks into consumption and "not sure..." or "I think..." you may want to do 1-2 scoops AM and on "busy days..." another 1-2 scoops. We think of this as breaking the threshold. Just remember it's what you do more than how you do it. Be patient.

Feedback. "If you feel something, say something..." 
This goes back to what we would think of as morals. If you tried Rockin' Wellness due to someone else sharing their experience we would love for you to also share your experience with others. No story to big or too small, anything can lead another to a better lifestyle. We do what we can to inspire your long term participation. All our feedback is Copy and Paste direct from Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Email... This means someone shared and all we did is copy and paste. That has now turned into nonstop stories everyday. This is something positive that has come out of a day where social network have a strong presence in the world. You don't know who you may inspire and what that will mean to them. 

Fast Start
Please Start Simple. Generally 2 scoops in 12-16 ounces of chilled Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Milk or drink of choice. Non-Dairy Milks is what we suggest. Almond/Hemp/Rice/Coconut... Sometimes a person will know they do not consume enough water in the course of a day. We have noticed in our feedback those who stay hydrated seem to have better feedback and many times will consume at least 1 glass of water before shake and or after shake. Once you are started now it's time to build your dream shake. Anything from adding spinach, almond butter, coconut oil, cinnamon.... options are endless. We also hope you share your favorite shake recipe on our/your social media sites (Facebook) which is going to motivate the most people. 

There is and should be variations of flavor, texture, constancy, and color due to natural state of superfoods and this is not an isolated protein shake with a base.

We try to ship every order same business day or next business day. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number when your order is processed. We are shipping from NY where our product is made. Order travel times estimated by FedEx are 1-5 Business Days depending on your location. International Orders are Estimated Under 5 Days (allow for customs processing on some orders).