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    "As always Great product, Great Service! I keep getting healthier, maintaining my weight!"
    Wayne P.
      "Love the stuff! Been drinking it for over 2 years. Pricey but worth it!"
      David S.
      Love the customer service!
        "Love this shake mix, both my husband and I start each day with our Rockin Wellness Chocolate Cacao"
        Christina B.
        Lovin’ Rivkin . Wellness
          "I have been using my product for years and find that I do have more focus, energy and balance after drinking my shake in the morning. I also take one with me if I don’t have time for.a healthy lunch.. thanks to Seth and Alison for creating and making this product delicious!"
          Marie K.
          Awesome Protein Shake
            "One of the best protein shakes I’ve ever had! You guys have outdone yourself again! Thank you thank you thank you!!"
            Leigh A.
            Best product on the market!
              "I will continue to buy this till I’m gone! The best product on the market 🍎🤘🏻❤️"
              Kay Z.
              love it
                "I always enjoy my morning smoothie. It is the best go-to."
                Lynn S.
                Good product
                  "Good, have been customer for 3 or 4 years. Customer service and online ordering has really improved, product still very good."
                  Mark F.
                  My go too....😏
                    "I started using this vanilla protein powder to the absolute marvel of my day! I generally have one main meal a day, wake up to a detox type morning and start drinking this, which I often mix with the chocolate high energy protein powder from Rockin Wellness on the days I work and have to be " on". I am incredible pleased with these products. I simply mix them with water ,as I am bit obsessive about staying! Thank you so much for this convenience to my health, state of mind and life as a whole! You all rock indeed!!!"
                    Adnan Duane Razack
                    good product
                      "love the vanilla, need special pricing on a 2fer. or a buy one get one"
                      harry r.
                      Love it, RW Smoothie starts my day
                        "Not only does this contain many healthy ingredients, it also tastes great — a little like chocolate milk when made in a smoothie (I use unsweetened almond milk and fruit). Good for energy and digestion and it does a good job waking me up in the morning."
                        Barbara K.
                        Love it!
                          "We love Rockin Wellness shakes and our mornings aren’t complete without it!"
                          Natalie W.
                          Chocolate cacao
                            "Great taste I love it I would like to see another buy too for 89.00 again soon. Thank you "
                            Awesome deal!
                              "LOVE these products with all my heart. I feel so charged, focused & happy after blending up & drinking a RW Chocolate smoothie. I work in the Bar industry working at a high volume bar & this product helps my energy levels & keeps me so on point & fast when making drinks. The best tasting Superfood blend on the market! "
                              Gabriel L.
                              I loved it just low
                                "I loved it just low on funds or would purchase again"
                                Melissa W.
                                Rockin Delicious
                                  "I got the Vanilla with a hint of banana. I think it tastes great and holds my appetite until lunchtime. Very happy!!! I’m also impressed with the list of amino acids . Nancy"
                                  Nancy M.
                                    "it has been my breakfast for the past few years"
                                    David S.
                                    Couldn’t live without it!
                                      "I’ve been using this for years. Absolutely love it!!!"
                                      Susan L.
                                      Always Delicious
                                        "Every morning I look forward to my smoothie with Rockin wellness chocolate cacao. I truly feel a difference when I don't have it. So glad to be able to have one every day!"
                                        Kathleen C.
                                        Vanilla mocha swirl
                                          "I love this product... Its great Been drinking it for years including the chocolate cocoa... "
                                          Mychael m.
                                          Rockin' Every Day!
                                            "I love making my Rockin' smoothies every morning.... when I don't get one; I sure can tell! Thank you for such an awesome product; keep them coming! Rockin' On! "
                                            Gretchen B.
                                            Loving the Protein!!
                                              "I love that the vanilla has protein and no caffeine. Those with any issues here's what I do: I mix the vanilla mocha swirl with the vanilla protein and it tastes great!!! Full scoop of mocha and 1/2 of vanilla and you still get enough protein. Plus I add a banana."
                                              luv it
                                                "awesome will buy again "
                                                Angelo D.
                                                Customer Service auto renew issue
                                                  "Been using the product for months now on the auto renew program and love it . However my last shipment I never received and after waiting an additional 2 weeks I checked my tracking and account info . I was charged on time and tracking shows at warehouse for shipment . Emailed customer service who sent me a email back 24 hours later and said Sorry .... sending out another order . So in total 3 weeks behind schedule. Dont know that I am happy with that customer service Resolution "
                                                  Catherine &.
                                                  the best
                                                    "I love this product and drink it every day.. thank you.. "
                                                    Peg K.
                                                    Love It!
                                                      "Rockin’ Wellness makes me satisfied for the whole morning. I don’t get that mid morning droop & am not ravenous before lunch. The product is a big help in my pursuit for wellness!"
                                                      Dawn D.
                                                      Perfect for Nutritional Balance as Needed w/Recent Surgery & Treatments
                                                        "I the last 2 months I have have Radiation Treatment on a large benign tumore in my left sinus, followed by corrective surgeryon my left ear. As I have experienced significant difficulty with chewing and swallowing nutional food stuffs, Rockin' Wellnes has been the perfect food stuff for me for two meals every day, for over 6 yrs now I combine 2 sliced bananas; 4 oz., ice; 4 cups of Silk Choc. Cashew Milk; 2 tblps. Pure Coconut Sugar; 2 level Scoops of Rockin' Wellness; sometimes additional CBD tinture (when not taking CBD capsules; sometimes I add Dandelion (1tsp.) . I have NEVER grown tired of the delicious taste and find my body/psychy look forward to this nutrition twice each day. I attempt a 'regular' soft/moist meal at mid-day, i.e. pasta/vegetables; healthy soups; etc. I have been able to maintain weight and overall labortory results have been consistently beyond my physicians expectations since my first bough with tonsil cancer 6+ yrs ago. Use Your imagination and You'll find Rockin' Wellness to be an incredible, beyond supplement, for all one's health needs! "
                                                        Doug W.
                                                        Great product
                                                          "I love the protein shake, keeps me well satisfied until lunch"
                                                          Linda R.
                                                            "We have been using Rockin wellness for 4 years. Both my kids drink it in the morning with spinach, almond butter, and banana. We LOVE it!"
                                                            Lauren p.
                                                            Rockin The Wellness!
                                                              "I buy chocolate Cacao Rockin Wellness on a regular basis. I drink it daily and have no regrets! I have purchased it for years now. I feel the difference when drinking or not drinking health has steadily improved in recent years and I'm sure RR played a part in it."
                                                              Dacquiri G.