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Rockin The Wellness!
    "I buy chocolate Cacao Rockin Wellness on a regular basis. I drink it daily and have no regrets! I have purchased it for years now. I feel the difference when drinking or not drinking it..my health has steadily improved in recent years and I'm sure RR played a part in it."
    Dacquiri G.
    Tons of good in a small package.
      "Been using the RW for couple years to replace one of my meals daily. Great taste and loads of goodness. "
      Charles M.
        "Absolutely THE BEST customer service. Love RW, I have been a customer for years. Great taste, gives me engery, focus, stabilizes my mood and puts zing in my step daily! I drink it every morning! "
        Kimberly G.
        Rockin Wellness is Amazing!
          "I started using Rockin Wellness about 2 years ago hoping it would help me with my Fibromyalgia symptoms and pain. Not only did it help with the inflammation and pain, over time I could tell my body was getting healthier. I have tried numerous other products with all of their claims that ended up just being B.S. because they either tasted horrible or they had no benefit or both. So, I definitely feel that I can give an honest review and recommendation for Rockin Wellness. It truly is amazing and like no other product on the market. I will be a customer for life! "
          Kimberly B.
          Drinking Ice Cream
            "I tried the Vanilla Protein for the first time and it was like drinking ice cream! I would love to see a chocolate version just like it! Yummy!"
            Holly Meade
            Great shake
              "I have been drinking this for several years now. It always tastes good and gives me energy. Great way to start the day."
              Paige V.
              Good stuff that tastes great~!
                "Excellent and easy"
                Helen M.
                The best
                  "I’ve been taking this product for over 3 years and love it"
                  David S.
                  Can't live without it!
                    "Quick delivery as usual! Love my rockin wellness chocolate cacao!"
                    Kathleen C.
                    Vegan Protein
                      "I absolutely love this protein powder. It doesn’t make me feel bloated after drinking it and has a great flavor all by itself with almond milk. Will definitely be buying it again and would recommend it"
                      Kerri B.
                        "I personally love this product. It is a bit pricy, wish you had bargains for those of us who can only afford a couple at a time 💁‍♀️🌻"
                        Pamela H.
                        Been my favorite for 4+ years!
                          "I love the original Rockin’ Wellness. No other nutritional shake compares to its quality or taste. I hope to continue using this product for years to come and always recommend it to anyone who sees me drinking it. It’s perfect simply mixed with nut milk, or thrown into a fruit smoothie. Love it!!!"
                          Chelse K.
                          Great Chocolate Smoothie
                            "Love the taste, great ingredients. Keeps my immune system up!"
                            Eloise S.
                            LOVE ROCKIN WELLNESS
                              "IT IS MY GO TO SMOOTHIE EVERY MORNING"
                              Lynn S.
                              Fabulous product!
                                "Makes my morning everyday!"
                                Miriam P.
                                Spicing up my energy with my "vrmm vrrmm" 4 on the Floor Ciinna-Spice Tea
                                  "My husband and I both love this Cinna-Spice Tea. So far I haven't made it hot but I love it cold for that afternoon energy pick-me-up without all the caffeine. I even put it into my morning smoothie along with the RW Total Body Nutritional Smoothie & Shake Mix (cacao chocolate) whenever I need that am energy boost. I also love that the ingredients are healthy and tested for integrity of pureness etc. "
                                  Margaret A.
                                  Vanilla Protein is Rockin'!
                                    "I am so glad a Vanilla protein was created. I enjoy the other flavors, but when I saw a new Vanilla Protein came out I had to try it. I love it!! I look forward to having my rich creamy protein shake everyday! It tastes so good and is very versatile when adding healthy fruits or other healthy ingredients. I have issues with whey and am so happy that there's an alternative as natural as Rockin' Wellnes to consume. This Vanilla Protein is delicious, makes me feel great as well! I love it. It's become my new found favorite! ❤"
                                    Martha A.
                                    I love Chocolate Cacao - nutrient value and taste
                                      "I love Chocolate Cacao - drink it every morning to help me start the day right. And it comes in handy for a good snack through the work day. The taste is exemplary. As a long time shake connoisseur this formula is the best tasting one I’ve tasted. And, I mix it with the new Rockin’ Wellness banana protein powder - yum."
                                      Natasha T.
                                      Vanilla Mocha Swirl --we love it!
                                        "My son and I love the Vanilla Mocha Swirl shakes we make. We add kale and it gives us the folate boost we like. The shake is great."
                                        Nan R.
                                        PROTEIN+ PERFECTED!!!
                                          "I LOOOOOOOOVE THE FLAVOR!!!!"
                                          joel h.
                                          Smoothie heaven
                                            "I blend Chocolate Cacao or Vanilla Mocha Swirl with skim milk or soy milk every morning for breakfast. This blend is delicious and I never tire of it."
                                            Mahlet B.
                                              "I love this product, which is no surprise. I have never been disappointed with Rockin Wellness and have recommended it to so many of my friends. I will continue to purchase your product and use it daily in many different recipes. 🏆"
                                              Ellyn G.
                                              Great New Addition!
                                                "Vanilla Mocha Swirl compliments my Chocolate Cacao shakes perfectly. Now I have two great flavors to choose from - love them both! "
                                                Bob S.
                                                Wonderful Product
                                                  "I have been using the Chocolate Cacao Rocking Wellness product in my morning smoothies for over two years. When I am away from home and can't have it for breakfast or if I inadvertently run out of it, I really miss it. I think it really makes a difference in my energy levels and in the strength of my immune system."
                                                  Linda M.
                                                  Great Product
                                                    "I especially love having a shake in the morning after my workouts I add some of the chocolate & the Donna spice and I am good to go. Keeps me satisfied well to the afternoon "
                                                    Linda R.
                                                    Love the product
                                                      "We use the chocolate powder in a shake every day! We love the flavor, organic ingredients and the excellent health we experience all year long! Thank you so much for this incredible product!"
                                                      Mary F.
                                                      Love Rockin!
                                                        "Cannot start the day without Rockinwellness! So glad I am able to enjoy the wonderful taste of chocolate cacao everyday!"
                                                        Kathleen C.
                                                        Deliciously good for you
                                                          "I love everything about Rockin' Wellness.. Good ingredients, great taste.. good customer service team.. Highly recommend.. its a must have ! "
                                                          Joshua S.
                                                            "It’s the best product on the market! My wife and I have been drinking it for at least 4 years and we wouldn’t start our day any other way EVER!"
                                                            Kay Z.
                                                            Excellent taste
                                                              "This item is great. Flavor is delicious. Will definitely be buying this again. Love that it has so much protein"
                                                              Susan G.