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I enjoy mixing it with
    "I enjoy mixing it with almond milk for breakfast. Most of the time, that is the way I start my day. It is good to know that I fuel my body with good things!"
    Leslie J.
    I love it!! Drink it
      "I love it!! Drink it every morning."
      Darla S.
      love it , energy, good
        "love it , energy, good mood and just good overall health and keeps one away from sugar urges :) thanks for making this product :) "
        Teresa F.
        love it, drink it every day
          "I have RW in a shake every morning. It gives me good energy, wakes me up from my early morning slump. Tastes great too."
          Barbara K.
          Love this product
            "Love all the superfoods that are in this !! Tastes delicious and have been drinking it every morning in my smoothie.. have been using for a few months and feel great "
            Melanie B.
            Morning wake up call
              "Love it! I have been drinking it for a few years now. When I go without it, I can definitely tell."
              Christina K.
              Drink this instread of coffee
                "I drink vanilla mocha swirl every morning to obtain good clean energy. "
                Judy G.
                  "I love love love this product! I drink it every morning and sometimes in the afternoon after the gym! I will never be without! Best product on the market 🍎🤘🏻❤️"
                  Kay Z.
                    "CinnaSpice Tea is something I love and use just about daily. I usually mix it in with my Chocolate Cocoa Rockin Wellness shake. It tastes great and I love how it makes me feel- I've got great clean energy afterward and it helps keep me healthy. Awesome stuff."
                    Love at first shake
                      "I have been using Rockin Wellness Chocolate Cacao since 2012... maybe a bit earlier. I use it everyday. It is a great source of nutrition and it tastes delicious. I enjoy it on it's own in my shake, OR mixed with their CinnaSpiceTea- it giives it an awesome new flavor, a nice kick and even more nutrition. Thank you! I can't imagine my day without it."
                        "Absolutely delicious smoothie mix-no nasty aftertaste or chalky texture-best tasting chocolate smoothie I've ever come across! Great ingredient list too!"
                          "The best tasting smoothie mix out there. Period! Love the clean ingredient list and you absolutely cannot beat the taste. No chalkiness like every other smoothie mix out there!"
                          My #1
                            "I got hooked on Rockin' Wellness about 5 years ago and, although I have tried many different smoothie bases, protein powders, and specially formulated "diet fad drinks", I always return to this great product as my Number 1. The Chocolate Cacao is my favorite. I have purchased the Vanilla Mocha Swirl on occasion and enjoy that flavor also. But, I have to admit, I am and always will be a chocoholic! I am thrilled that I can purchase a product that is everything I want all rolled into one healthy product. I try my best to buy organic when available and am a vegetarian. I'm think it's great this product is Vegan, although I find maintaining a Vegan lifestyle just a bit too difficult for me. No cheese or ice cream????? Not anytime soon. I use unsweetened almond or cashew milk as my "liquids" of choice and when feeling creative I throw in some kale or spinach and some of my favorite fruits. The CinnaSpice Tea is also a great afternoon pick-me-up! When I need to shed a few pounds I'll simply replace lunch or dinner with a Rockin' Smoothie and it does the trick. Love, love, love the products."
                            The Real Deal!
                              "Rocking Wellness is amazing!! Gives energy, boosts immune system and metabolism and makes me feel better overall!!! Tried going without and it just doesn’t work! Gotta have my RW!"
                              Victoria Gryder
                                "The Chocolate Cacao Rockin Wellness shake taste amazing! I make a shake every morning before heading to work. Makes me get through my day. You can add any ingredients you want to make it different everyday. My fav is almond milk sugar free with a banana and some ice. Easy, fast and fils me up."
                                Perfect on the go!
                                  "Makes it easy to enjoy anywhere"
                                  Flavor sounds great
                                    "This is on my list to try next. I absolutely love cinnamon and tea, so I imagine I will enjoy the taste of this product."
                                    Great taste, smooth texture
                                      "This is a great way to get added nutrients into your daily diet. It blends very well into smoothies and does not leave a chalky texture that I have found with many other brands. I love mixing it into smoothies and smoothie bowls for a hearty meal."
                                        "Good prework out if you’re trying to stay natura"
                                          "Great natural product. I use it for shakes, home made ice cream and a bunch of other treats. I add coffee beans in my shakes"
                                          Just great
                                            "Great natural product. I use it for shakes, home made ice cream and a bunch of other treats"
                                            The Best!
                                              "I have been using the Chocolate Cacoa for a number of years. Just love it. It provides the nutrition I seek and makes my morning smoothie taste great. It is truely The Best!"
                                              Cool Tea mix!
                                                "What a great addition to their great lineup. It’s very good for you and easy to make. I wasn’t a fan of the chunky consistency and would like it sweeter of course, lol, but that’s just me. It’s a great mix."
                                                Scott C
                                                Great flavor!
                                                  "Awesome shake mix just like the chocolate cacao but even tastier. I switched back to the chocolate since it’s a little cheaper or else would keep getting the vanilla swirl. Great stuff."
                                                  Scott C
                                                  Perfect morning shake!
                                                    "Been making a RW/banana/peanut butter shake with almond milk each morning for the past few years. Keeps me full through lunch and enough energy and focus to get through a rough day at work. I’m on the subscription program and love it."
                                                    Scott C
                                                    Best start to my day
                                                      "Love the flavor and the quality, gives me energy."
                                                      Donna Dodge
                                                      Chocolate fix!
                                                        "This was my first it is a chocolate dream come true...trust me and it is so healthy...guaranteed no junk no fillers only the best ingredients! Did I tell you it is a chocolate fix?"
                                                        Doreen Spear
                                                        Best yet
                                                          "All these products are the best quality no fillers or tricks and oh the flavor! Thanks Rockin for caring!"
                                                          Worth it.
                                                            "I use to drink this all the time but didnt want to pay for it, so I searched for something lower cost and I found it, a lot of it. You can buy cheaper drinks but they dont taste as yummy as this or have the quality ingredients. Back to Rockin Wellness."
                                                            Pat Burgess
                                                            My Favorite Flavor
                                                              "The vanilla swirl is by far my favorite flavor ever I really love Rocking wellness the products are so awesome"
                                                              Laura J Jones