Bye, bye cabin fever... 3 Tips to a healthy reset

With life getting back to normal (fingers crossed), some us are excited and others may feel a tinge of anxiety because any change usually brings about mixed feelings. 

After a year being lethargic and bored most days, here are some ways to simply hit reset and perhaps get back to or start healthy habits that our minds and bodies will thanks us for. 

1. Start your day with a natural boost of energy. 

Add a scoop of Vanilla Mocha Swirl to your breakfast smoothie for a no-crash, caffeine boost. 

Vanilla Mocha Swirl

2. Start journaling. 

Writing down your thoughts helps to clear your head and creates space for new ideas.

start daily journaling

3. Inhale, exhale, relax

With the box breathing technique you can reduce your stress and anxiety in just a few minutes by inhaling for 4 seconds, then holding for 4 seconds, and then exhaling for 4 seconds, and repeat...

box breathing technique

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