Kickstart healthy habits with this easy superfood routine.

If you're ever wondered if there is an optimal time to eat superfoods, no need to worry we've got you covered. Here's an easy and flexible morning to night routine to sustain your energy throughout the day and help you go to bed and get the rest you need.


vanilla mocha swirl

Just add 1 scoop of Vanilla Mocha Swirl or Chocolate Cacao to a glass of water or your beverage of choice for a natural boost of energy. You will be ready for a productive day and maintain your energy levels without the typical caffeine crash.


vegan protein

When you want to fuel up pre-workout, recover post-workout, or just feeling peckish, add 1 scoop of Vegan Protein or Energy Greens to water, smoothies, oats, or yogurt for a healthy snack. 


liquid melatonin

When it's time to wind down, take 1-2 drops of our fast-acting Liquid Melatonin for quality, restful sleep. You will wake up refreshed in the morning and ready to start your day.

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