Who We Are


We hear this question all the time, what are you guys all about? What’s your Mission? What’s your Purpose?  These are great questions and although we have addressed this in the past we wanted to take this time to expand on these topics and really explain what we are all about.

Health and Wellness is truly a journey and a state of mind.  We realize there are no quick fixes, there are no easy solutions, but as Teddy Roosevelt once said “Nothing worth having comes easy”  We believe everyone deserves to feel their best self, the most energized and the healthiest.  With his own health in mind The Founder, Seth Luker scoured the Earth to find the highest quality most tasteful ingredients to create this premium superfood mix.

We believe that health and wellness is a journey and a commitment and we believe it’s one we should take together.  That is why we don’t just sell our premium superfood mix, but we work on all aspects to make sure you have the guidance and support you need to make this a successful journey.

Incredible Customer Service

  • Allison Luker, personally answering customer service calls to help with any issue big or small whether it be an issue with shipping or advice on if the product would help with a lifelong disease

  • Reach out to support@rockinwellness.com with any questions or comments

  • Visit http://docs.rockinwellness.com for Frequently asked questions & support documentation

  • A dedicated social media team to answer any and all questions you have about our posts or about health and wellness in general

    Checkout our posts and responses on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Lastly we added a Doctor to our staff, Doctor Howard Robins.  After six years of practicing traditional western medicine and surgery, Dr. Robins began his studies in ‘alternative’ medical practices. He became an international expert on natural healing and nutrition as well as Bio-oxidative therapies.  He is a passionate alternative health professional and he loves Rockin Wellness!  He helps and advises us on how to make the product better every step of the way and how to deliver the healthiest most effective product to you.

As a Company we have been on this journey for 5 years and it has been an amazing experience with lots of peaks and lots of valleys, just like life.  Our promise to you is we will spend every day trying our absolute best to make sure we deliver the highest quality products and services for the disease fighters, age stoppers, wellness warriors and health conscious people of the world!

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