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January 01, 2016 0 Comments

Rockin' Wellness is about you. 

This company and its products were created as a way to provide top quality nutrition for an affordable price. We offer the most nutrient dense functional foods Mother Nature has to offer for a fraction of what the ingredients would cost individually.  

Our goal is to make health the easy choice in life. We each battle our own illnesses and understand that life is hard enough, eating healthy should be simple, delicious and satisfying. Quality of what we consume is everything. The ingredients in Rockin' Wellness enable our customers to be active, on the go, feel great and be fully nourished. I am sure that there are many of you who face your own health challenges and Rockin' Wellness was created to help support your overall well being in life by enhancing healthy function and metabolic activity of cells in your body.

We Believe in 3 Primary Principals Behind Being a Healthy Person…
  1. Reduce inflammation in our bodies. Eat food with intention. Choose items that contain naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties. One of the root sources of pain and discomfort is directly related to swelling and/or inflammatory responses.
  2. Focus on building the immune system, this is your army, the body’s defense system or "homeland security".
  3. Always consume high content antioxidants that assist in our bodies cleansing function to help rid it of free radicals (also known as oxidative stress). Antioxidants work as a detergent for our tissues just as bleach takes out stains out of a white T-shirt.

These three principles are the foundation of all of our products. From our Original Flavored Chocolate Cacao Smoothie and on to our new releases of 2015… the wildly popular Vanilla Mocha Swirl Smoothie and our 4 On The Floor - Cinnamon Spice Tea Blend +Energy.

Our goal in 2016 is to nourish the relationship we have with you and build value within it, include your stories within ours. Let you be the voice that praises the goodness behind what we call Rockin' Wellness. This is a lifestyle that we promote for those interested in feeling vitally alive & well and growing old gracefully… to put it simply. Our products contain potent phytonutrients that truly affect how we feel and function on a daily basis. Optimal health & function is our goal and should be yours as well. We worked very hard to make health taste amazing.

It's that time of year to make resolutions for how 2016 will play out for you. It all starts with how you feel. People make life changing decisions because they feel bad. How many times have you chosen a comfort food over something healthy because of a headache, stomach discomfort, stress or just plain tired all the time? If we consume better nutrition, we will think and feel better, we will function at a higher level. Choose health as your way of life this year. It's totally worth it.

So hang on tight, 2016 is going to be explosive not only for us but for you too. Our focus is our customers and we want to be the catalyst for the success that you will achieve this coming year. Whether you have weight loss goals, career improvements, health milestones or just want more energy... Let Rockin' Wellness help you reach those goals with good solid nutrition. It all starts with a foundation of good decisions and that tends to have a compounding effect on your life. Energy, Focus, Mood. Make Rockin' Wellness that 1st good decision of the New Year!!!

It all starts and ends with you,

Happy New Year Everyone :)  

Seth Luker  
Co-Founder & President  
Rockin' Wellness, Inc.