Earth Day!

Sustainable Farming

Happy Earth Day! Ok we get it, perhaps not the most impactful holiday, but it is extremely important to us not just on Earth Day, but every day to look around and see how we are impacting this great planet and what can be done to help. Today we wanted to talk about sustainable farming.

Sustainable farming is something that has been of the utmost importance to Rockin Wellness since day one. We only have one place to live (until Elon Musk figures out how to get to Mars) and we want to make sure it is around for our children and grandchildren.

Sustainable farming is a general term and there are many different things that it encompasses. To us there are three important aspects; soil health, minimal water use, being environmentally conscious. Farmers are doing amazing things with crop rotations to keep the soil enriched, use of natural pest predators so to avoid using pesticides and using composted plant material to naturally enrich the soil.

We could go on and on about natural farming methods, if you are interested we encourage you to checkout some of the literature and research about these farming practices and the benefits. Part of what makes Rockin Wellness the best shake mix around is only using ingredients that come from sustainable farms!

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