How to be Healthier in 2020

Lets be honest, eating healthy and sticking to a specific diet or food plan is very difficult.  That is one of the reasons so many New Years Resolutions fail.  The best way to ensure your 2020 goals (whether they be food/diet related or not) is to turn your plans into habits!  Nearly half our daily activities are done out of habit.  


If you want to stick to your goals and improve your health long term forming good and healthy habits is a great way to accomplish this.  Of course this isn't easy, if it was easy everyone would do it, but Rockin Wellness is here to help.  Here are some good ideas and steps to get you into healthy habits.


Get a journal, you can do this digitally, but we actually prefer a hard copy like those black and white marble books we used to hate writing in for school. 


In that journal write down some goals and plans to keep up with your habits.  Research shows that if you write things down you are way more likely to accomplish them.


  • Set Monthly goals
    • Looking out at a full year is very difficult, so make a monthly goal in regards to diet or exercise that is achievable.
  • Weekly Meal Planning
    • Set aside 1 or 2 nights when you know you have some time and make a large portion of your meals for the week.  It is so much easier to stick to your food plan when the food is already made
  • Weekly Grocery List
    • Similar to the meal planning, go once a week to the store and get whatever you need for that week that way you can have everything ready to go and avoid unnecessary trips that result in impulse purchases of junk food.  Also of course make sure you're stocked up on all your favorite Rockin Wellness Shakes.

Last, but not least, DO NOT be too hard on yourself if you slip up.  No one is perfect, despite people appearing that way on social media.  If you have an unhealthy meal or eat some delectable desserts or miss a few workouts, that is totally fine.  Just get right back into your routine and don't sweat it. (Well do sweat the whole workout part).


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