How to Nourish your sleep

The human body is defined by its predictable & stable daily cycles ; waking up every morning usually leads to sleep every evening … And sometimes technically in the morning if we are stressed or distracted! But is there more you can do to ensure you get the best sleep possible every night ? You bet there is ! Hold off on the late night snacking, these tips are sure to supercharge your slumber!


Here are a few ways to time your nutrition for stellar snoozing!


1. Start Strong - Just a few months ago, a study found that eating your first meal around 1 hour after waking up is best for your personal sleep cycle and appetite . The subjects felt significantly more energetic & desired less healthy foods when they were sure to eat their first meal soon after waking . The late-eater group showed lower levels of energy and tended to overdo it on the high sodium & fatty options. Reduce your urges with a light Rockin Wellness Chocolate Cacao shake right when you wake up.


2. Finish Early - Another study completed in March showed a significant disruptions in sleep patterns and snoring intensity for individuals with sleep apnea . While not everyone suffers from this obstructive disorder, the simple change in dinner timing had serious effects on the Energy. Focus. & Mood of the subjects . When you have that Rockin Wellness Vanilla Mocha Swirl desert shake, make sure its before 8pm!  


3. Stay Slender , Hold the Bender - This robust study from 2011 showed significant changes in fast food consumption , full calorie soda intake & lower dietary vegetables times. If you’re having trouble making sure you’ve got enough greens in your life, mix some Rockin Wellness Energy Greens into your early morning meal! 


We at Rockin Wellness try and live the healthiest lifestyle we can and we always want to share our thoughts, advice and tips with our amazing customers.  We have noticed amazing benefits of using our products, but even if you don't we want to make sure you are informed about how best to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Keep on Rockin!

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