Spirulina: Why we should be eating something called pond scum???

What is Spirulina?

The first time I heard the word spirulina my first thought was it rhymes with ballerina. Not very helpful when it comes to nutrition, but that is what first popped into my mind! Since this superfood has been all the rage recently, I did some research on it and the second thing I thought was …. They call it pond scum!!!???

So obviously I wasn’t exactly excited about trying Spirulina, but then I looked into the health benefits and my opinion changed VERY quickly. Spirulina is one of the most nutritious and nutrient dense foods on the planet. Lets checkout some of the amazing benefits


1. Detoxes Heavy Metals - Spirulina helps remove toxins and heavy metals from the body according to one study. With the processed foods and different chemicals in what we consume it is super important to be detoxifying when we can.

2. It has anti cancer properties - There are a huge amount of studies out there on how spirulina is a powerful cancer fighter.

3. It is anti inflammatory - We spoke about inflammation last week and how much it can negatively affect your health. Studies have shown Spirulina scavenges and fights these free radicals in your body that cause inflammation and oxidative damage.


Our mission at Rockin’ is to provide you with amazing superfood products that aid in our health and wellness, while tasting great and that is exactly why we came out with Energy Greens and Energy Greens Berry. Both products incorporate Spirulina to get you the amazing benefits of this superfood.

The Energy Greens is a very earthy, natural mix, if you are a person that enjoys the greens but want a little more sweetness and flavor please try the Energy Greens Berry. It adds a little flavor and sweetness that we believe makes it taste so much better! For this week only get Greens Berry (only berry flavor) for just $20 when ordering $40 or more of product! Use code Berry20

Another great way to get these amazing Spirulina benefits is to throw a scoop of greens in with your Chocolate Cacao smoothie! Mixed in with a smoothie it tastes great and you get the benefits of both the chocolate cacao and the Energy Greens!

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