Who Needs Protein Powders?

Proteins are the third nutrient that completes a person's diet to keep going with daily activities. They are literally in every cell of the body-- from your muscle, tissue, lungs, heart-- they are everywhere.

In other words, the role of proteins is essential for your body to function. If your diet does not include the right amount of protein, it can affect your everyday activities and even compromise your health. That's why there are plenty of protein-based supplements out there to support your body's protein production.

Protein powder is one of the well-known protein supplements for athletes to grow and build muscles effectively. But nowadays, non-athletes are also taking advantage of the benefits that protein powders can offer.

Benefits of Protein Powder

There is no doubt that protein powder can be beneficial, especially for certain people such as:

Gym Enthusiasts

People that are fond of exercising and hitting the gym need more proteins to build their muscles and perform in the gym effectively. Proteins are also essential to fix damaged tissues and muscles after heavy lifting and work out. 

When recovering from soreness after work out, proteins are the nutrient that helps the muscles to recover. So, if you really want to hit your body goal, protein powder is your best gym buddy. It's an excellent substitute rather than eating chicken or egg for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

People on a Diet

Proteins are not only responsible for building and fixing muscles; they are also great to support weight loss. Proteins contribute to making people feel full, which helps people on a diet to eat less. They are also best to reduce blood sugar levels since high levels of blood sugar cause obesity.

So, if you want to maintain your healthy body or reduce fats, protein powder can be a convenient supplement for you. It is convenient because you just have to make the powder into a shake or juice without calculating its calories. Most of the time, a scoop of protein powder has 160 calories, which is perfect for your diet.


Most adults that have diabetes crave tasty food, but it's hard for them to look for food that can't contribute to the rise of their blood sugar level. Protein powders are the best choice for their sweet craving since, as mentioned, they can lower the blood sugar level. Moreover, there are also protein powders that have less or zero sugar in them.

Proteins also protect the body from bacteria and viruses. So, since most adults are more prone to health complications, they should have enough protein supply for protection. So, protein powders are not just for adults with diabetes but all adults.

Types of Protein Powder

Knowing the types of protein powder is essential to know which is suitable for your needs. Moreover, some protein powders are made from dairy, which could trigger allergies-- that's why it's essential to know.

Here are the most common types of protein powder that you should know:

Pea Protein Powder

Protein powder from peas is a popular ingredient for plant-based nutrition supplements. It is also gaining the attention of most vegans, vegetarians, and weight loss enthusiasts. The pea protein powder does not contain dairy or gluten, which is perfect for maintaining a healthy body full of proteins.

If you're looking for the best vegan protein powder, you can check out Wellness Protein Powder. It is the perfect protein powder for your smoothies.

Soy Protein Powder

Another powerful protein powder that is plant-based is soy protein powder. It is known for having the complete nine amino acids suitable for fixing tissues and muscles.

Whey and Casein Protein Powder

One of the well-known protein powders for most researchers and athletes is the one made from whey. It is an effective supplier of protein to build muscle and has a significant effect on the composition of the body.

On the other hand, casein is another protein powder from milk, but studies suggest that it is not that effective for muscle growth because of its slower-digesting protein. But this kind of protein powder is beneficial for losing weight because slower-digesting protein suppresses hunger. 

However, since both whey and casein protein powders are milk-based, they are not the best options for people allergic to dairy and milk.

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