Three Superfoods that help reduce stress

One of the things that we all have in common is dealing with the stresses of life. It can be work, it can be family, it can be any number of things that cause us stress in our daily lives. Since avoiding stress is impossible we have to do the next best thing, deal with stress as constructively and as healthy as possible.


There are many different healthy outlets to deal with stress, exercising, meditating, getting proper sleep are all very good ways. Another great way to deal with stress and anxiety is eating foods that naturally reduce stress and anxiety. Of course Rockin Wellness is packed with these Superfoods, it is one of the reasons your energy mood and focus is much improved while drinking Rockin.  Below are a few of those superfoods that reduce stress and anxiety.


1. Cacao - If you know Rockin’ Wellness then you know how much we love chocolate! I mean who doesn’t?? Lucky for us chocolate lovers that it is not just delicious, but has healthy stress reducing properties. A 2014 study showed that eating 40g of dark chocolate a day reduced stress in females. So go ahead and have as much Rockin’ Wellness Chocolate Cacao as you want!




2. Leafy Greens - Perhaps not as delicious as chocolate, but just as important, leafy greens have many great attributes, one of them is being rich in magnesium. A magnesium deficiency can disrupt the central nervous system, which handles many aspects of stress response. Of course weekdays can be hectic enough without having to figure out how to get the right greens on the dinner table. Take our delicious and energizing Greens mix to get your daily dose of magnesium and keep stress a bay!


3. Maca Root - Maca root is an adaptogenic, adaptogenics have many different properties and one of them is that they support your adrenal glands. These glands help manage your hormonal response to stress and fatigue. Our Chocolate Cacao and Vanilla Mocha Swirl mixes contain maca root to help your body fight stress, and a bonus maca root is also good for your libido! Of course we are recommending ingredients we have in our awesome Rockin products, but we also want to make sure you as a consumer know what foods you are putting into your body and how they may help you. It is always good to do some research and by shifting your habits or your diet slightly you can make a huge change in your stress levels and your life.

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