Don’t like the Gym? Here’s everything you need for the best outdoor workouts

July 13, 2017 0 Comments

Summer is approaching; the last thing you want is to be stuck inside the gym while everyone is outside enjoying the day. Unlike the gym, outdoor workouts do not require much equipment to get in a kick-ass workout. Here are my top 3 pieces of equipment for the best out-door workouts.

1.  Resistance Bands- These are so versatile, bands can be used for stretching, strength exercises, and plyometric exercises. My personal favorite exercises with bands are resistance sprints. Place a resistance band around your waist; have a partner hold the band tightly while you sprint. The partner should be holding and pulling the band behind you while you are trying to sprint at max effort. 5 sets of 25 yard sprints 60-90 seconds of rest in between sets.

2. Gymnastic Rings- These have been called the holy grail of upper body development tools. There is simply nothing that can come close to the versatility of the gymnastic rings. They are easily set up on a swing set, pull-up bar, or tree branch. You can work on all of the essentialupper body strength movements such as dips, rows, pull-ups, and push-up. They are also anamazing tool for core exercises such as L-sits, hanging-knee raises, and windshield wipers (if you are very advanced).

3. Your Body- Your own body is the most effective piece of work-out equipment that you have. There are countless ways to get in shape by using absolutely no equipment at all expect for you own body. Some of my favorite  exercises include in place jumps, mountain climbers, pistol squats, explosive clap push-ups, squat-jumps, jumping-lunges, incline sprints, front and side planks. Be sure for jumping exercises you are using a soft landing surface such as grass or sand at the beach.

Don’t be stuck in the gym this whole summer, get fit outside while enjoying the weather!

Author- Jason Lapiana, B.S. Exercise Science