What is Chronic Inflammation?

Chronic Inflammation - Why is it so important?


One of the pillars of good health in life is keeping chronic inflammation at bay in the body. It is the root cause of life's most painful ailments and attributes to some of the most debilitating digestive conditions that we encounter. It is responsible for many of the aches and pains that we experience. Reducing chronic inflammation is so important because it helps us feel better and pain free every day.


Chronic inflammation is swelling that is constant and over time disrupts cell to cell communication within our cellular network and hinders the ability for us to absorb and transfer vital nutrients. This can be systemic and affect our whole being or it can also be acute and concentrated locally in one area of the body.


Here are a few ways to reduce chronic inflammation and start feeling healthier, more energized and pain free every day!


1. Antioxidants - antioxidants have lots of benefits for the body and one of the is reducing “free-radicals” which are natural molecules produced by your metabolism, but not held in check they can cause chronic inflammation. Rockin Wellness Chocolate Cacao was specifically designed to pack a huge antioxidant punch with ingredients like cacao bean, goji berry, hemp seed and maca root.


2. Diet (especially green leafy veggies) - Your diet is a huge factor when it comes to inflammation. Sugary drinks, processed meats and processed snack foods increase the risk of chronic inflammation while fruits, veggies and fish are linked to reducing chronic inflammation. One of the reasons we created Rockin’ Wellness Energy Greens is to make it easy to get spinach, kale and kelp in your daily diet. These dark leafy veggies are great for your diet and can reduce chronic inflammation.


3. Sleep - Studies have shown that sleep loss is linked to increase inflammation. Getting enough sleep is super important for so many reasons and often goes forgotten. We think about our diet and we think about exercise and we forget that getting 6 - 8 hours of sleep per night is super important.


We at Rockin Wellness try and live the healthiest lifestyle we can and we always want to share our thoughts, advice and tips with our amazing customers.  We have noticed amazing benefits of using our products, but even if you don't we want to make sure you are informed about how best to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Keep on Rockin!

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